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Francisco's Cocina® 

A lifestyle to nourish your body and soul. 

Love. Peace. Light.

Welcome to my Cocina

Healing begins within...

Welcome Beautiful Souls to Francisco’s Cocina® (kitchen). This business honors my amazing father, Francisco Pirela (Spirit Guide/ Ancestor), his culture and all who are interested in celebrating a happy and healthier lifestyle.


Francisco was a native of Pon'ce, Puerto Rico: land of the pina colada, empanada, sofrito, beautiful mountains, salsa dancing, strong family values, fresh air, and celebration of nature and culture. I, Celena Pirela "Kriti Daspreet Kaur" have decided to bring all of that to you. Family is an important connection in our journey called life. Some are gifted with an amazing biological family, some we need to make our own. I am here to help you find your soul tribe while working through my Courses, Retreats, Yoga, Books, and Guidance.  

I am a spiritually led Intuitive Guide, Way-Shower, Healer, and Hyper-Sensitive Empath whose purpose is to raise the vibrations on this planet. This is accomplished through my coursework, food & yoga practices, and my all-inclusive retreats. I am a spiritually led healer who is able to move my students to their next level. My journey has walked me through many events in life: health issues, trauma, divorce, self-esteem, religious trauma, empowerment & death all preparing me to guide you. If you are dealing with any of these subjects, looking for growth, self-awareness, self-esteem, how to better love yourself and others around you, how to level-up and co-create with spirit, my services are for you. Learn how to take your power back. 

All my teachings are based around my Seven Doctors Model.




My father blessed me with a great sense of family and commitment. My goal is to share my knowledge and help change your life! 

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Francisco's Cocina's mission is to assist beautiful souls with health & wellness through the use of my Seven Doctor's model: Positivity, Water, Rest, Food, Nature, Exercise, and Community. 

By intuitively connecting to The Divine, I guide individuals to embrace their own alchemy. Francisco's Cocina's vision is to change lives by teaching people to take back their power .  


Course Work

Designed to help you shine brighter, raise your vibration, and become the BEST version of yourself. Designed around Kriti's 7 Drs Model.

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Variety of workshops available. Located within the US, abroad, and online. Look for my all-inclusive retreats. 



Private yoga classes available in person and online. Will travel, available to teach on resorts & for workshops.



Tel. (347) 933.2438

United States 



Coming Soon!! 

Stay tuned for my location & private retreat center. 



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