Get to Know

Celena Pirela "Kriti Daspreet Kaur"

Celena Pirela "Kriti Daspreet Kaur" is a serial entrepreneur and published author who is consistently growing toward the future. She is a Yoga and Lifestyle Guru with a concentration in vegetarian and vegan cuisine (with a Puerto/Soul twist), Cordon Bleu-trained chef, Master Hair Stylist, salon owner, and community activist. Celena "Kriti Daspreet Kaur" continues to bring amazing things to Central New York State and beyond. Her vegan makeovers for Puerto Rican and Southern-style soul food are changing the way people from all cultures and walks of life eat and enjoy food. 


After a life-changing epiphany of her own, she embraced the Vegan Lifestyle in order to help recover from chronic back pain and gastro-intestinal issues. It led her to a deeply spiritual path of respecting the Earth and all its creatures. She then began developing her very own, trademarked blends of herbs and spices. They have been shared all over the country, bringing flavors and seasonings to everything (even some of

her meat eating clients). 


She has studied and taught as a Yoga Alliance-certified instructor in the Chemung County region of New York and holds regular Empowerment events for lifestyle, yoga, and cooking workshops throughout the U.S. and abroad. 


Celena "Kriti Daspreet Kaur" founded Francisco’s

Cocina®, LLC in order to educate and nourish, truly embracing her philosophy of healing both body and mind through food. She lives a daily mantra of Love, Peace, and Light, spreading joy and positive energy wherever she goes. 

In 2019 she received her 200 hour yoga certification from the Asheville School of Yoga and now combines her Cocina with yoga for vending events, intimate retreats, and private classes.  

Being called a Guru of Empowerment is not something Celena "Kriti Daspreet Kaur" takes lightly. Once being a "forgotten" herself, one of her purposes on earth is to go back into the "forgotten" communities, bringing plant-based lifestyles and yoga to those who may not have the exposure and finances to make these lifestyle choices possible. 

Celena "Kriti Daspreet Kaur" provides a "Celebration of Women" for all of her clients, concentrating on tapping into each person's "Divine Feminine Energy", while being respectful to each person she works with. 

Kriti Daspreet Kaur is Celena's spiritual name, given by Divine Source, confirmation of dedication to her life's given purpose. 




Rest, Exercise, Community, Nature, Positivity, Food, Water 



Rest is known to promote clarity, peace, and a sense of connection to all things.



Being out in nature allows us to see how the world around us grows. 



Lifts your mood and attitude and is contagious



Consistent exercise is known to help release toxicities from your body and improve overall health. 



You need a community of people to help achieve goals and pour love back into. 



Keeping your body in an alkaline environment keeps you healthier and more productive. 



A Vegan lifestyle can bring awareness of peace within and the ability to embrace a respect for all living, breathing, and spirited life.

Celena can often be found embracing Nature, whether is it simply walking barefoot across the grass or digging in her garden. She follows guidelines for a healthy, spiritual lifestyle through a series of philosophies she refers to as her Seven Doctors.