Francisco's Cocina® 

Eclectic Vegan/Vegetarian Food and Lifestyles that Nourish your Body and Soul 

Welcome to my Cocina

Healing begins in the kitchen...

Welcome Beautiful Souls to Francisco’s Cocina® (kitchen). This business honors my amazing father, Francisco (deceased from cancer), his culture and all who are interested in celebrating a happy and healthier life style.


Francisco was a native of Pon'ce, Puerto Rico: land of the pina colada, empanada, sofrito, beautiful mountains, salsa dancing, strong family values, fresh air, and celebration of nature and culture. I, Celena Pirela "Kriti Daspreet Kaur" have decided to bring all of that to you with a  Puerto-Soul, eclectic vegan/vegetarian spin, to nourish your body and soul.

The Cocina is where healing begins. Conversation between loved ones shared over good food, is what nourishes the soul. Through food, yoga, and private wellness retreats, my goal is to bring the lifestyle of my Cocina to you. 

Francisco Pirela, circa 1980s



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