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Cooking for Intimate Events 

Private events of 10 or less who would like vegan/vegetarian cuisine prepared for retreats, gatherings, special occasions and more. 

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Price varies 

Sometimes we need to slow down and listen to our bodies. Health and healing begin from within. The earth provides us with wonderful nourishment, for not only our bodies but our souls as well.

                                     Food is the key to our bodies' overall health and happiness.

Cooking Classes 


Classes are available privately and through local centers and stores, in various locations throughout U.S. and abroad. Check calendar for public dates. 

Price varies 

In the Cocina, everything begins with love, peace, light, AND water. Our bodies are made of up to 60% water. At Francisco's Cocina our choice was to use an Alkaline water system by Kangen.


Rice & Beans 

Ingredients: Francisco’s Cocina® Sazon/Adobo, sofrito, water(alkaline), organic dry red beans, Bay leaves, organic tomato sauce, organic red potato (optional), organic/gluten free Jasmine brown rice.

- Soak beans overnight. Make sure beans are completely covered with water.

​- Add 1 tbs of Sazon, Adobo, and Sofrito. Adding 1/2 tsp of your favorite oil, optional (taste).

- Let cook for about 2 hours on medium heat.

- Recheck your seasonings.

- Add additional water if needed.

- Add in bay leaves(3).

- Add in red potatoes, if desired.

- Add in tomato sauce and let cook for several more hours until beans are tender.

- Soak Jasmine brown rice for 15-30 minutes.

- In a separate pot, measure out the amount of rice you are cooking

- Follow instructions on water ratios.​

- In your water that rice will be placed in, add 1Tbs. each Francisco’s Cocina® Sazon/Sofrito

- Taste and adjust if need.

- Drain water and place rice in seasoned water on medium heat.

- Once water dissolves, lower heat and let rice continue to cook slowly with the lid on. 

- Check in 10 minutes  

- Begin to scoop and fold almost-tender rice.

- Continue to cook with the lid, on low heat until all rice is evenly tender.

- Red beans are tender and ready to eat. Rice is fluffy and tasty.


- Garnish with fresh Cilantro and enjoy!

Image-1 (25).png

- Organic broccoli 1 bag (pre-washed)

- 2Tbs organic sweetened raisins 

- 1 organic cucumber (sliced or chopped)

- 8 sprigs of chopped cilantro 

- 1-11/2 spoonful of Veganasise

- 2 Tbs capers

- 1Tbs juice from capers

- 1Tbs of Francisco's Cocina® Adobo

- 1 Tbs nutritional yeast 

- 5-6 organic portobello mushrooms, chopped 

- 1 C garbanzo Beans

- 2 Tbs chopped sweet red peppers 

- 1Tbs pumpkin Seeds 


- Mix together in large bowl and serve! 


Broccoli Salad