Yoga means union; a union with one's self, mind, and divine being. Putting an emphasis on appreciation for one's body, body positivity, calming of the mind, and love for ourselves, Francisco’s Cocina® delivers spiritual guidance in a world that is missing the Divine Woman. All beings have both masculine and feminine energies; by tapping into the feminine, growth and empowerment can flourish. With Celena, both women and men are celebrated and encouraged to attend. 

In our busy lives, the importance of the Woman is being lost. Through the course of yoga, building her up and bonding through woman empowerment, we are giving back to ourselves, and in turn changing the course of this world. Group classes and private lessons are available. Contact for more details. 

Celena Pirela is a certified yoga teacher with her 230+ original training hours completed at the Asheville Yoga Center. 

Yoga Alliance Certified.